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Messages of Love and Laughter

Every reading has brought forth profound messages from the souls that have resonated deeply within me. Whether these encounters occurred unexpectedly or through scheduled sessions, each one holds immense significance. Today, I feel compelled to share some of the statements spoken by these souls. These heartfelt messages have not only touched my heart but also have the potential to touch and inspire others. May their words bring solace, healing, and enlightenment to your own journey. Here's a few that really stood out to me!

  1. "Get together every chance you can get because time sure goes by fast." In the hustle and bustle of life, it's easy to overlook the importance of human connection. This poignant reminder from the other side urges us to cherish every opportunity to be with our loved ones. Time passes swiftly, leaving us yearning for those precious moments shared with those who matter most.

  2. "Get my harmonica out and play. Don't stop playing just because I'm not here; I'm right there cheering you on." Music possesses the power to touch our souls. This soul's encouragement to continue playing the harmonica reminds us that our passions are not limited by physical presence. They are ever-present, cheering us on and inspiring us to embrace the melody of life.

  3. "I finally got to hold my baby again!" These words carry the weight of joy and relief, affirming the enduring nature of love and the everlasting connections that surpass the confines of earthly existence.

  4. "Dot is here as I hear whistling for a dog to come here." Laughter has an extraordinary ability to heal and uplift our spirits. The mention of Dot's presence, accompanied by laughter, reminds us that joy remains a constant companion even in Heaven.

  5. "You don't have to be lonely anymore. I don't want that for you. You still have life in you, use it." The weight of loneliness can be overwhelming, especially after losing a loved one. Yet, this message seeks to alleviate that burden by assuring us that we are never truly alone. The soul's words carry encouragement, urging us to embrace life, seize its opportunities, and honor the vitality within us.

  6. "No regrets. You made the right decision to unhook me. I was waiting for you to let me go. It was the right decision." Making difficult decisions can often haunt us with doubts and regrets. However, these words bring solace and validation, assuring us that releasing their hold was an act of love and compassion. We are reminded that our choices, even the toughest ones, can be guided by the deep knowing that we did what was right.

  7. "I'm still watching the Golden Girls." This lighthearted message reminds us that even in Heaven, souls continue to cherish their memories by painting a picture for you to remember the good and beautiful moments in life. This is something that they always remembered about their mother! That's the reason she brought it up during the reading.

  8. "Check the Cows!" Sometimes, messages from the other side carry seemingly trivial details. This statement serves as a reminder to pay attention to the signs that guide us. This sweet lady was urgently to telling them this statement several times during the reading. After the reading, they got in touch with me to let me know that the husband went to check the cows and found one injured by a Mountain lion. The "Check the Cows!" made sense and confirmation that she was watching over them.

  9. "I still have the walking farts." This light-hearted statement reminds us that humor transcends life and death. It assures us that the souls continue to possess their unique personalities and sense of humor, bringing laughter and comfort. This was at my Gallatin, TN and a sweet lady in the audience confirmed it all. That's something she would always remember about her!

  10. "I know you are upset that you had to sell the house, but remember that we can't bring these things with us to heaven.'' That sweet soul's message serves as a gentle reminder that letting go of the physical house was the right thing to do. While it may be difficult to part with the tangible aspects of our lives, it is the memories we create and the love we share that truly endure. We carry those cherished moments with us forever.

May these words serve as a gentle reminder to pause, take a moment, and embrace the beauty that surrounds you. And when you gaze at the stars above, may you feel the presence of those souls who have left their imprint on your life, guiding you with their eternal love.

Love, Angel Leigh

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1 Comment

I absolutely love this! I needed to hear about unhooking the machines and selling the house! Thank you so much!

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