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"Exploring the Magic of Corners Mansion Bed & Breakfast in Vicksburg, MS"

Recently, I was invited by a group of friends to spend a weekend at the beautiful Corners Mansion Bed & Breakfast in Vicksburg, MS. As I walked up to the property, I was immediately struck by its beauty, with a stunning gate and views beyond the street. Upon arrival, I was warmly greeted by the owner, Mrs. Macy and I felt instantly at home. I was lucky enough to stay in the master suite, which was a beautiful and spacious room with a large, comfortable bed, a coffee pot, and breathtaking views from the porch. As someone who is a workaholic and often pushes myself to the limit, this much-needed break was exactly what I needed to recharge. Despite feeling guilty for taking time off, I knew it was important to take care of myself, especially since I have a lot of demands on my time with people reaching out to me for readings. The master suite also had an attached room with two twin size beds and a spacious bathroom. All the details within the home were beautiful and perfectly placed, adding to the overall elegance and charm of the Corners Mansion Bed and Breakfast. From the antique furnishings to the vintage china, every corner of the mansion was a feast for the eyes and spoke to the rich history of the place. The attention to detail was evident in every room and made for a truly magical and unforgettable stay. The historic walk through of the mansion was a highlight of my stay. I have always loved exploring the stories of the past, imagining what the walls would say if they could talk. On this trip, I was able to pick up on the energy of quite a few special souls who had called the mansion home. One in particular was the presence of a broad man who was no longer suffering in his chest and was able to breathe more easily, as well as a small boy who loved to play and have fun. I also received a personal message from a beautiful bright-haired woman which was validated by Mrs. Macy's herself. The next morning, I was treated to a delicious breakfast and warm conversation with Mrs. Macy and my friends. It was a beautiful experience, and I felt grateful to be in such a welcoming and magical place. Mrs. Macy even went above and beyond for everyone! She even went out of the room and came back with a smile on her face to show me a green toy that I had picked up on during my walk through - a validation that made me feel even more connected to the Souls I had encountered. The precious boy that I connected with during my walk through wanted it known that he liked the green alien toy, and even though I did not understand it at that moment, it was later validated by Mrs. Macy! It belonged to her dog! She later put it upstairs for the boy! I cannot wait to go back to Corners Mansion Bed & Breakfast and experience more of its beauty, history, and magic. A huge thank you to Debbie Debusk and her friends (Kemmi, Amanda, Bryce, Brandi, Kristi, Jeremy and a few others) for inviting us on this trip, and to Mrs. Macy for her warm smile and hospitality. I would highly recommend a visit to anyone looking for a magical getaway in Vicksburg, MS.

The Corners Mansion Inn

601 Klein Street

Vicksburg, MS 39180

(601) 636-7421

If you go, please let her know Angel Leigh says Hi!

Photo Credit by Meredith Smith

Photo Credits by Meredith Smith

Photo Credits by Meredith Smith

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