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The Truth About Being a Full-Time Spiritual Messenger: An Open and Raw Account.

1. If you don't connect to a certain loved one, are they in hell or mad at me?

No, that does not mean they are in hell. In fact, it's not easy for a loved one to come through. They have to learn how to come through, use their energy to connect. Sometimes it takes longer for others, but if it's God's will and meant to be, it will happen in time. Don't give up, but always know that when someone passes away, they aren't holding onto the bad. and the ugly. They are in a place of joy and happiness with no sickness.

2. Do you connect to just good or anything evil comes through?

I want to make this clear that I will never compare myself to another messenger/medium. We are all different and work differently. I choose to not connect with anything that's not of good light. If I don't feel right about it, I won't connect. I won't put myself in a position to be hurt. I have to feel good about it and allow it to come to me naturally through vision form.

3. What if you can't connect and I scheduled a video session? What next?

That has never happened before, but with spirit, you never know. If I can't connect right then, either we can try again the next day or you would get a full refund. I'd never take anything without you getting something in return such as a reading.

4. If someone is disabled and in a wheelchair, are they that way in Heaven?

No, I've connected with thousands and I've connected with many disabled people who showed me their struggles here in the physical world when they were here. They are no longer bounded by a wheelchair or anything holding them back. I connected to a child not long ago of her running around and laughing. She was spinning around and playing hopscotch in Heaven! Her mother validated she was in a wheelchair her entire life. She cherished the fact her daughter could play games that included her running and hopping, something she never could do here in the physical world.

5. Do miscarried babies make it to Heaven?

Yes, I've connected to miscarried and stillborn babies. Sometimes they stay small in Heaven, and sometimes they grow up and answer the questions that you have always wondered about, their looks, personalities, etc.

6. What is one thing that you wished people knew or understood about being a spiritual messenger full time?

Hmmm, One thing that I wished people knew or understood about being a spiritual messenger full time is how mentally and emotionally draining it can be. As a full-time mom and wife, my job never really stops, and I have to be away from my family a lot, traveling for work for my shows, and spending more money than I make by hiring babysitters and traveling for events. Although I give more than I receive in payment a lot of times, it takes time away from my kids and requires a lot of mental and emotional energy. I wish people could understand how much work it takes to do this, and that just because it's a gift, it doesn't mean I should do it freely all the time. I go LIVE a good bit and do a lot of free. As many as I can. Some think that it's always easy to give a connection, but in reality it's mentally draining and I have little ones to take care of after my sessions for the day. A lot of hard work and tears have went into this since going public but I am so thankful that I can be who I am and help others. I'm truly thankful that I can do this full time.

I hope this list of questions and answers helps you understand better how I work as a spiritual messenger. If you have more questions, feel free to reply below, and I'll be happy to answer them in my next blog post. Thank you for your love and support!

Love, Angel Leigh

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