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Letting Go of Resentment: Finding Healing Through Forgiveness

Accepting my gift, I have come to understand the power of forgiveness in finding inner peace. I believe that forgiveness is not just a virtue, but a necessity for our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It is a key to unlocking the healing power of love in our lives. However, forgiving someone who has caused us pain can be a difficult and sometimes, a seemingly impossible task. It is natural for us to feel resentment, anger, and hurt towards someone who has wronged us. We may even feel justified in holding on to these negative emotions, but in reality, they only serve to keep us stuck in the past and prevent us from moving forward. As someone who has experienced hurt in my own life, I know how challenging it can be to let go of resentment. I'm not a perfect person, and I've hurt people in my life by shutting down because of my past trauma. I've let good people go in my life because I was afraid of being hurt. However, I am thankful for these experiences, even the hurtful ones, because they have helped me to become who I am today. They have taught me the importance of forgiveness and have given me the tools to help others find healing and inner peace. Forgiveness is a process, and it requires a conscious effort to let go of our hurt, anger, and bitterness. Here are some steps that can help us on this path:

  1. Acknowledge your pain: It is important to allow ourselves to feel our emotions and acknowledge the pain that we have experienced. This is not about dwelling on the past, but about recognizing the impact that the hurt has had on us.

  2. Choose to forgive: Forgiveness is a choice that we make. We must consciously decide to let go of the negative emotions that are holding us back, and choose to forgive the person who has caused us pain.

  3. Practice empathy: Try to see the situation from the other person's perspective. This can help us to understand their actions and find compassion for them. This does not excuse their behavior, but it can help us to find a place of understanding and healing.

  4. Release the past: Once we have made the decision to forgive, it is important to release the past and not dwell on the hurt that was caused. I know this is easier said than done! It takes a lot of prayer and patience with yourself.

  5. Embrace inner peace: Forgiveness is a pathway to inner peace. When we let go of resentment and anger, we create space for love, joy, and positivity in our lives.

Forgiving someone doesn't mean you have to always forget what happened. It is important to remember the lessons that we have learned and to set healthy boundaries to prevent similar situations from happening again. However, forgiveness does allow us to be free. I know that it can be challenging to navigate this world when you feel things more intensely than others. However, I also believe that our experiences, even the painful ones, can shape us into who we are meant to be. We may feel like we don't belong in this world, but we were created this way for a reason. We were meant to bring light and healing to others, and forgiveness is one of the most powerful ways that we can do this. Remember, you are never too much for the right people. Embrace your gifts, and use them to help others find healing and inner peace. The world needs more people like YOU! Now you have to do what is best for you because this is YOUR life. You will know when you are ready to forgive. Nobody can make that choice but you. I just wanted you to know that I'm here for you! Remember, forgiving someone doesn't mean that you are weak. You will know when it's time to let go and make room for love and happiness.

Love, Angel Leigh

"Forgiveness is not just a gift you give to someone else, it's a gift you give to yourself."

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