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"If You're Tossed and Turned: Finding Meaning in Life's Departures"

I understand those restless nights when worries tug at your heart, keeping you tossing and turning. Have you ever heard that saying, "God hears everything said about you, even when you're not there"? Try to embrace this phase, and trust that sometimes, the removal of certain people from our lives, while painful, is paving the way for new connections, experiences, and growth opportunities. It's like knowing there's a bigger picture, even when it feels blurry right now.

You know, people drift into and out of our lives, and it can sting. But here's the thing: it's all part of the journey of growth. Even when it hurts, these shifts often pave the way for something beautiful, something that might not make sense immediately.

So, if you're feeling the weight of uncertainty, try to remember, there's a grander plan at play. Sometimes, it's about making room for new, wonderful things to enter your life, even if it's tough to see that at this moment. Trust that with each departure and arrival, your path becomes clearer, and you'll find yourself blossoming from these experiences. Hang in there. Change might be challenging, but it often brings delightful surprises and unexpected blessings.

You're on a journey of growth, and every twist and turn, every person you encounter, shapes your story into something truly remarkable. Keep believing in the beauty of the unknown, for it often leads to wonderful discoveries.

Love, Angel Leigh

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