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Good morning. On Dec 29th you made a connection with my momma Millie.  At the end of the connection you mentioned a name and it was Mel or Melvin, and it was my mommas adoptive dad that we didn’t know had passed. Thank you so much for this connection because without your gift we would of never known of his passing. You are a very amazing and gifted lady. Thank you for all you do RIP Pops June 3rd 2020 Covid took him   - LaQuinn

I wanted to say that I have had two sessions with AL and it has brought myself and family joy/peace. I knew my husband was ok (I just felt it) but I wanted to know what he was doing and who he was with. I was also devastated and lost without him. He passed away suddenly and It is just myself and two teenage daughters left at home. He was our rock and center. I feel frozen and scared to make dry without him. I relied on him for everything. To know he is at peace and still with us in spirit was indescribable. AL also saw two of my brothers, sis in law, and my half sisters mom. To know that my brothers are together and at peace have my family joy and peace. One of my brothers led a life that wasn’t always strain and narrow. Days before he passed, he asked to be saved and forgiven. My family worried that he didn’t find peace but he did. All of them showed us how they wanted to be remembered which helped everyone not dwell on their passing. They also had messages for their kids which touched them greatly. I can’t thank AL enough and God for giving her the gift. I had hired a physic before AL who was a total fraud and had me so upset. AL is the real deal and knew things that no one could know. She even saw my husband holding a baby girl and bragging that he got to hold her first. Our daughter was so upset that he passed before his granddaughter was born and that he would never see nor hold her.
Thank You AL for helping my family and I to get through the worst time in my life so far. God Bless You!!!!! - Melaunie 

Angel, thank you SOOOO much for sending me the messages that you were given about my loved ones! I have tried to email you, but my emails won’t send. Let me start by saying that I was in awe of your gift at your event, and now there are just no words to express my gratitude and amazement! Every single detail was meaningful to me!!!
In your message, you wrote about a man in his 60s. The older man named Frank is my daddy who passed away just a few months away from his and my mama’s 50th anniversary. Their anniversary is on October 6th!! So that explains the #6. He passed away 5 minutes past midnight on the morning after Father’s Day. That was the reference about leaving and missing a celebration. He was so sick on Father’s Day. We knew he wasn’t going to make it much longer.
The lady with the lillies is my aunt. Her name is Lillian. She was more like a grandmother to me than aunt. She knew the lillies would do the trick. NOR is my mother Norma, my aunt’s sister-in-law. Beck is my aunt’s favorite neice, Becky. Becky’s husband passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. His name was Danny.
The lady with her who has the quilt on her lap is my best friend’s mom (the best friend that I went to your event to support). The polka dots symbolize her nickname, Dot. Her daughter, my best friend, is the most artistically talented person I know. There’s nothing she can’t do. She did two paintings for me for my newly remodeled house. They are beautiful, and I cherish them.
The H reference threw me for a bit, but I think I figured it out. My husband has only lost one person in his life that devastated him. His name was Harold. I have always been worried about him being in Heaven or not, and I have been thinking about him lately.
So, as you can see, you “nailed it” again!! I’ve always known that my daddy was with me. I can feel him and even smell him sometimes. He was an amazing daddy!
Most people need to hear that their loved ones are in peace and are happy, but I needed to hear these messages of validation for a different reason than most, especially the smallest details. I’m not able to go into it here on this forum, but please know that your gift may change a life forever.
If there is ANYTHING I can ever do for you, please let me know. We are always in your “neck of the woods”.
With love and appreciation,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for tonight. You have given me the most powerful gift of all, for 9 years I've need closure and tonight you gave that to me. I feel as if a burden has been left off my shoulders. I could never thank you enough. You are such a beautiful person inside and out I admire you and all that you do . You have such a great crew as well and definitely have an amazing mom. It felt as if I was surrounded by family tonight even tho tonight is the first time I have met you all. Also I have to say my husband went in skeptical and now he is a believer after tonight and he is not an easy one to win over lol anyone reading this I want you to know Angel is the real deal if you haven't went to meet her you definitely need to i promise you won't be disappointed   (RIP to beautiful Tonia - I found out she passed away not long ago so this beautiful testimony means so much to me.)  

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