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Coastal Wake & Bouys Foundation

In the heart of our coastal communities, where the waves whisper tales of adventure and the rivers weave stories of connection, there's a cause stirring—a cause that's close to the heart of every water lover. It's the call for safety on our beloved waters, and answering that call is the Coastal Wake & Bouys Foundation. They want to raise funds for boating safety courses throughout the year and hope to provide classes on boating safety and etiquette, ensuring that everyone can enjoy our waters safely.

And now, there's an opportunity to be a part of this noble cause. On May 4, 2024, Coastal Wake & Bouys is hosting its annual Wake the Coast event—a day filled with joy, learning, and giving back. At the heart of this event lies an auction—a chance for kind hearts to come together and support the cause. I'm excited to share that I'm donating a 1 on 1 Video Session that you may have a chance to win in the auction! More details will be posted when the auction goes LIVE! Also, maybe a few tickets to my upcoming show on April 27th in Biloxi, MS. There's going to be so many wonderful things up for grabs during the auction!

So, how can others join in on this act of kindness? It's simple—just head over to Coastal Wake & Bouys Foundation's Facebook page, hit that like button, and stay tuned for more details. Together, let's make waves of change, let's buoy the spirits of our community, and let's ensure that our waters remain safe for generations to come.

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