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"Healing through Grief: A Grandfather's Reunion"

She walked into my meeting room with her head hung low, the hurt etched in her eyes and the knot in her throat. As she sat down across from me, she took a deep breath and put her face in her hands. "I'm ready to start," she said. As I scribbled in my notebook, I could see the moving pictures in my mind. It was like a movie being played and I'm taking a seat to watch. I'm just the Messenger, here to tell their story. The more I scribble, I start to see in my mind, the clouds floating by me. The sun was shining through with just a tint, and I caught a glimpse of a beautiful image. It was a small boy and his grandpa, both in overalls, laughing as the older grandpa kicked a ball to his great-grandson. The grandpa was coming through to show how happy he was and to let her know that her son, who had passed away, was not alone in heaven. He wanted her to know that her son still had sandy blonde hair with dimples and bright hazel eyes, and that he still had a curl in his hair. He was still the same, but now he was healthy. He was able to run again, and the cancer that had taken his life was no longer. He was free from the sickness and the pain! He was able to be a child again. In fact, I could hear many others around them. There were chattering, laughing and squeals of excitement as every few seconds, another soul was greeted by a loved one they had missed and grieved for. I stopped to take a breath and look up from my notebook and her mouth was slightly open as she recognizes its her son, she confirmed that her great grandpa passed when she was young and she always wondered if they were together. She validated that she has her son's ball still on the shelf not touched for showcasing. We both cry happy tears together. Most importantly, I could see the weight lift off of her shoulders, this huge weight she had been feeling for 7 years since he passed away. In the dim light, as it gets brighter, the grandpa reaches out his hand and says "Let's go!" and hums their favorite song, the song that she sung to her son right before he passed away. "You make me happy when skies are grey, you never know dear, how much I love you, please don't take my sunshine away." This session was a profound and emotional experience for both of us. It was a reminder that love and connections transcends death and that even through grief, we can find healing and peace, even if it's just a little. After this session, I went home and cried. I hugged my kids tightly and I looked up and thanked God for allowing me to have this Gift. Even though what I do can be emotional, it can also be so healing, even for me. "You never know dear, how much I love you, please don't take my sunshine away."

This is a short story of "part" of an actual reading that I had with a client. I did not want to put in names, but she was happy for me to share the story of her son and grandfather.

Love, Angel Leigh

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