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"A Messenger's Perspective: Understanding How I See and Connect with Souls"

As a spiritual messenger, I have the unique ability to connect with souls on a deeper level. One of the ways I am able to do this is by seeing them as moving pictures in my mind. It's like I'm watching a movie and I am simply the messenger, relaying the messages I receive from the souls.

The colors that surround the souls in these visions are vivid and beautiful. They beam off of the souls and add to the overall experience of connecting with them. When they speak to me, their words are often muffled, like a TV playing in another room. However, there are times when I can hear them clearly and understand every word they say.

As I connect with the souls, I also sometimes feel the struggles they went through in their physical lives. For example, if a soul had heart problems or breathing struggles, my chest may feel heavy as I connect with them. This helps me to better understand their experiences and relay their messages to the living. One of the most important aspects of these connections is the descriptions of what the souls show me. These details not only let the client know that their loved one is happy and at peace, but they also often include personal memories and cherished moments shared between the soul and the client. These memories can bring comfort and closure to those who are grieving and help them remember their loved one in a positive light.

One of the most fascinating aspects of connecting with souls is that they often show me their personalities. If a soul loved to sing, they may show me a personal song that they sang while they were alive. I will then sing the song to the client, even if it may look funny or odd, because it's important to relay the message exactly as it was shown to me. (If you have watched any of my facebook LIVES, you will know what I'm talking about with me singing haha)

Another way that souls show me their personalities is through the way they speak in my vision or how they use their body language to me. Some may be more serious and reserved, while others may be more playful and light-hearted. This can also include the way they express their emotions, such as a soul who may have been known for their wit and sarcasm may come through with a sarcastic comment. I've had Souls come through pointing their fingers and making personal jokes that the client would understand on a personal level!

It's important to mention that connecting with souls can be an intense and draining experience, both physically and emotionally. After each reading, I usually need to take some time to myself to rest and recharge my energy. This is because during a reading, I am not only relaying messages but also receiving and processing a lot of information and emotions, which can be alot on my energy levels.

Even though it can be draining, I am always thankful to be able to do the work that I do. Helping others to connect with their loved ones and bring closure and healing to their grief is a fulfilling and meaningful experience. And it's worth the temporary discomfort I may feel after a long session.

I hope that you are able to tune into some of my Facebook Lives, as it will better explain in how I connect! You can watch how I connect with Souls and get even a better understanding of how I see and connect with them. And who knows, you may get a free reading in the process! My next LIVE is on Feb. 12th at 6 PM Central time on Angel Leigh Spiritual Messenger facebook page. I hope you get to join!

Thank you for your love and support!

Love, Angel Leigh

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You are fabulous! I have had 2 readings at public events. The last being June of 2022 in Gallatin. My mother who had just passed the end of April busted through every other spirit to get to me as I was the first reading. I had shared my first reading with my mom which was in 2018 as her mom came through and she never believed in anything like what you do. She believed you die and it’s darkness. I told her she was so wrong and when she was near death, I just about had her convinced there was another plane and that she would know and see what I am doing. I told her to just throw som…

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