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Angel Leigh 
Southern Spiritual Messenger

Who is Angel Leigh?

Hey Ya'll, I'm Angel Leigh! I'm a Spiritual Messenger with a unique gift: the ability to see Souls since the age of 3. I've been sharing my visions with the public since 2015, using my abilities to connect with passed loved ones and help start the path of healing! Through my messages from the Spirit world, I bring hope, healing, and a sense of peace to those who seek my help.  In addition to my work, I've also gained widespread recognition for my abilities. I've been featured on numerous television networks and publications, including A&E, the Travel Channel, WLOX -TV, USA Today, and The Tennessean etc. You can also read "Through the Eyes of Angel Leigh" By Dr. Sue Clifton (it's available through Amazon).   My work has touched the lives of many people and I'm honored and thankful for being a trusted and respected voice in the spiritual community.   

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